Leasing is a cheaper way of getting hardware for business owners who do not want to dent their budget on purchasing equipment. The challenge always comes in ensuring that you get the right leasing company and ask relevant questions that will make the process easier.

Questions to Ask When Leasing Hardware from a Company

  • Will the company give extra support? You need to know if the company that is giving out hardware such as laptops, phones and navigation devices will be providing other services in the duration of the lease. Some leasing companies commit to servicing the equipment, helping with installation and troubleshooting, among others.
  • What are the payment options available? Never sign a lease agreement without getting into the finer details about how you much you are expected to pay, and the duration that the payment should take. You should also ask if there is room to negotiate the prices that have been set by the leasing company.
  • What happens when the hardware malfunctions or breaks? It should be clear from the agreement, what the company that is leasing expects when there is a breakage. Will they expect to cover it, or will they expect you to take responsibility? This reduces friction and disagreements when such issues emerge.
  • Do you have references? Ask the company if they have a list of reliable references and clients that they have worked with. This will give you a perspective on how the company you plan to lease from is rated among users.
  • What kind of information will you need from my company? Most leasing companies always insist on having an idea of how the company they are leasing from is performing financially before they give them hardware. You should know from the onset how much information the leasing company will want.